Residential Services

  • Solar & Energy Optimization Solar & Energy Optimization Save money, eliminate your electric bill.
    Zero Money to start, available.
    Take advantage of Utility Rebates and the Federal Tax Credits.
    Track your solar production on your iPad.
    Now is the right time, Install solar in your home.
    A 4 KW Solar System is equivalent to planting 600 trees by reducing 20,000 pounds of greenhouse gasses annually. Over its 35 year lifespan, it will decrease the need to burn 518,000 pounds of coal.
  • Electrical, Lighting Control, & Solar Shading Electrical, Lighting Control, & Solar Shading Infrastructure Wiring.
    Save energy, help the environment, and increase comfort with Lighting Control.
    Quality lighting is an important aspect of our daily life. Perfect environments at the touch of a button.
    Harvest daylight lighting and reduce sun damage with solar shading solutions.
    Electric car charging.
  • Infrastructure Infrastructure Technology design space optimization.
    Infrastructure wiring and support.
    New Construction - Retrofit.
    Future proof your home.
  • Automation Systems Automation Systems Create the perfect home environment, One touch whole home control solutions.
    Control your lights, shades, thermostats, music, movies, TV, cameras, with the touch of a button.
    iPad and tablet control systems.
    iTunes everywhere, Sonos music everywhere!
    Custom invisible speakers, hidden subwoofers, and drop screens for the highest & best aesthetic use of your space.
    Style your home's technology, Make your home an escape from the daily grind.
  • Computer Consulting Computer Consulting Setup your home network properly.
    Whole home wireless.
    IT support for PC and Mac.
    Managed backup to protect your data.
    Remain at the forefront of emergent technologies.
    One on one support to meet your specific needs.
  • Network, Communication, & Surveillance Systems. Network, Communication, & Surveillance Systems. Home wiring and trim-out.
    Phone Systems.
    Wired and Wifi data network systems.
    Door phone camera and intercom.
    Wiring closet optimization, organization, and cable management.
    Network cameras, analog cameras, DVR, video distribution, security station, iPad, and tablet control.
    Fiber optics.
    Remote viewing.
    Project consulting and support.